Our History

Strickland farming is headquartered on Hollingsworth Road in Dobbersville, North Carolina. Garrett Strickland (6th generation) grew up and still lives on Hollingsworth Road. While the beginning date of the farm is unknown, Garrett remembers his grandmother (4th Generation) saying that her grandfather (2nd generation) fought in the Civil War at the Battle of Bull Run. Since about 1861, the Hollingsworth, Odom, Sutton or Strickland families have been operating a farm in Dobbersville. Reggie Strickland came back to farm full time in 1987, making him the 7th generation to farm the land.

Strickland Farming Highlights

13th Annual Landlord Appreciation Event Recognizing Harry Oates

Harry OatesStrickland Farming recognized Harry Oates for all he has done and meant to our family since joining Strickland Farming 50 years ago.  Harry started working for us the summer Reggie was born.  He has been a tremendous asset to us.  Reggie recalls that he spent much of his time with Harry and his family growing up.

To diversify even further, Strickland Farming is starting a new turkey operation

In addition to looking for additional swine facilities, we have made a decision to ‘grow-Turkeysout’ turkeys contracted with Butterball.  We are currently in the process of constructing six buildings that will hold approximately 8,300 birds per house.  In the grow-out barns, the turkeys will have all the space they need to thrive to reach market weight.

The management necessary for our new turkey operation will be very similar to the swine farms that we established in 1990.  We now have a total of 12 houses for finishing hogs under contract with Prestage Farms.